Category: Artists

  • David Nazario

    David Nazario

    Contact: David Nazario is writing for his life because he’s scared of a day job. These words are not only the lyrics to a song by hip hop artist, Common, but they also represent the way that he chooses to live his life – not afraid of hard work, but afraid of spending 40 […]

  • Gerri McCritty

    Gerri McCritty

    Artistic Discipline: Visual art, found-object sculpture, African drummingContact: http://www.pavaagallery.comgeraldinemccrity@yahoo.com717-490-6720 Age Groups for Residencies: K-Senior CitizenArtist’s Statement: Art + Music = Love & UnityMy objective has always been to share my passion for art and music as a form of therapy, therapy for the purpose of inspiring, building confidence, and exploring. I believe it helps bring out inner creativity, […]

  • Dominique Jordan Miller-Shell, or the Artivist, Sir Dominique Jordan

    Dominique Jordan Miller-Shell, or the Artivist, Sir Dominique Jordan

    Artistic Discipline: Poetry, spoken word, musicContact: Phone: 717-984-9476Email: dmillershell@gmail.comWeb Site: Groups for Residencies: Grades 6-AdultArtist’s Statement: I am most passionate about leaving my listeners and/or readers with substance that they can apply to everyday life. I love to be able to use my vulnerability and transparency as my superpower. I also am so excited about finding new ways […]

  • Tony Crocamo

    Tony Crocamo

    Contact: Age Group for Residencies:  K-12, adults, senior citizens Artist’s Statement: Clear and effective communications increase our chances of success in our educational efforts our careers and in our personal relationships. The ability to tell stories is essential to clear and effective communications. Stories build rapport, establish bonds, and make us and our messages memorable. We […]

  • Speak to My Soul

    Speak to My Soul

    Artistic Discipline: Poetry/Spoken Word/choreo-poems Contact: 717-552-9298EvitaColon@peak2MySoul.cominfo@speak2mysoul.com Age Range for Residencies: Grades 6-12, Adults Speak to My Soul hosts events, creates productions and incorporates programs in the community that use the performing arts to empower, educate and elevate. We raise awareness of pressing issues in the community such as poverty, injustice, unemployment, education or lack thereof, etc. People […]

  • Write Face

    Write Face

    Artistic Discipline: Literary ArtsSpecialty: Creative Writing for Veterans with TraumaContact: scotthower@aol.com Range for Residencies: Adults, senior citizen veterans & their familiesSpecial Groups: Writing workshops for Veterans/families of veterans The Write face process helps attendees focus on clarifying and understanding their thoughts. Unwritten thoughts may be fleeting or chaotic; the written word can be reviewed and refined. As our […]

  • Michael Benevenia 

    Michael Benevenia 

    Genre: SculptureContact:(973) 715-6345mikebenevenia@gmail.com Group for Residencies: Grades 9-12, adult, senior citizens Artist’s Statement: My process of making sculpture frequently becomes a balanced scuffle with gravity, where material can be transformed into metaphors for the importance of aiding others. I am interested in the physicality of sculpture to facilitate conversations where empathy and support can develop solidarity. Having familiarity […]

  • Michaelanne Helms 

    Michaelanne Helms 

    Artistic Discipline: Tile Mosaic, screenprinting, community artsContact:michaelannehelms@gmail.comhttp://www.michaelannehelms.comAge Group for Residencies: K-12, adult, senior citizens Artist Statement: I am an artist who fosters kinship through creativity, and my life’s work as an artist consists in working with a variety of differing communities. I am a West Virginia native currently living in the city of Lebanon, PA. I am […]

  • Carrie Kingsbury

    Carrie Kingsbury

    Artistic Discipline: Muralist/PaintingContact:(484) 919-3414Carrie@promiselandart.comwww.promiselandart.comAge Group for Residencies: Artist’s Statement: I am a local muralist with 15 years of experience painting commercial and residential mural projects. My work tends to reflect the joy and beauty of life as I like my work to be positive and uplifting. For the last 10 years I have enjoyed doing many artist-in-residencies […]

  • Kevin Lehman

    Kevin Lehman

    Category: Visual ArtsGenre: Ceramics, sculptureContact: (717) 509-7547http://www.Klpottery.comkevin@klpottery.comAge Range for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Citizens Artist’s Statement: Creativity is the essence of art. An open mind’s boundless imagination provides unlimited possibilities for creation: a concept given form by the creative process and the technical skills of an artist. The process is flexible and begins with an […]