Our Artists

South Central PaARTners places skilled teaching artists in meaningful, in-depth residencies. Our residents hail from a variety of backgrounds and include writers, dancers, craftspeople, and more.

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  • Dominique Denman

    Dominique Denman

  • W.E. & Company

    W.E. & Company

  • Loryn Spangler-Jones

    Loryn Spangler-Jones

  • Cheryl Kugler

    Cheryl Kugler

  • josh graupera

    josh graupera

  • Salina Almanzar

    Salina Almanzar

  • Julia Jordan-Kamanda

    Julia Jordan-Kamanda

  • Kearasten Jordan

    Kearasten Jordan

  • Elyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLPElyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLP

    Elyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLPElyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLP

  • Anthony Orozco

    Anthony Orozco

  • David Nazario

    David Nazario

  • Gerri McCritty

    Gerri McCritty