Category: Artists

  • DeJuan Rosado

    DeJuan Rosado

    Artistic Discipline: Music, songwriting, mixing, healing through music Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artist: DeJuan Rosado, known as Spoken Musik, is a versatile Hip Hop artist hailing from Lancaster, PA. Spoken Musik delves into deep, inspirational themes in his music. A member of T.H.E.M. the Collective and our Hip Hop Arts &…

  • Solise White

    Solise White

    Artistic Discipline: Dance Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artist: Solise is a choreographer, dancer, and skilled teaching artist who incorporates mindfulness and healing into her work. A founding member of “Speak to My Soul,” a theatrical piece that’s toured the northeast, and co-owner of A Concrete Rose bookbar/winebar/community hub, Solise’s heart is…

  • Evita Colon

    Evita Colon

    Artistic Discipline: Poetry, Spoken Word, Theater Contact: Age Groups for Residencies: K-Senior Citizen Evita Colon is a celebrated writer and performer, first ever Poet Laureate of Lancaster City, creative entrepreneur, editor and publisher of Blk Voices Magazine, and owner of A Concrete Rose bookbar, winebar, and community hub. She is the creator and director of…

  • Michelle Johnsen

    Michelle Johnsen

    Artistic Discipline: Photography Contact: Age Groups for Residencies: Grade 5 to Senior Citizen About the Artist: Michelle’s early work was in childcare and education, and her teaching weaves her love of nature, community and teaching. “Through the observation of the natural world and the different progression of seasons, photography and nature became inseparable to…

  • Shaun Murphy

    Shaun Murphy

    Artistic Discipline: Spoken Word Contact: Age Groups for Residencies: Grades 5 to adult About the Artist: Shaun is a spoken word artist, musician, community leader and motivational speaker. He is a trained teaching artist in our Hip Hop Arts & Education program, holds a Masters degree in Education and is a college professor. As…

  • Abby Fields Dupler

    Abby Fields Dupler

    Artistic Discipline: Theater Arts Contact: Age Groups for Residencies: K- senior citizen About the Artist: Abby Dupler is a multi-talented actor/singer based in Lancaster, PA and proud member of the Actors’ Equity Association. She is currently a company cast member with the Strasburg Railroad located in Strasburg, PA where she gets to create some…

  • T.H.E.M the Collective

    T.H.E.M the Collective

    Artistic Discipline: Music, Arts & Healing, Social/emotional artistic practice Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artists:  T.H.E.M. stands for “To Heal and Encourage Musically!” We are individual artists and musicians who work together in residency programs and performances to lift our students and audiences up with music. Using music as a pathway to…

  • Amanda Condict

    Amanda Condict

    Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts Contact: Ages for Residencies: About the Artist: Amanda studied at Kutztown University, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Empire State College. An illustrator and designer, she worked in graphic arts and publishing, has illustrated for books, magazines and catalogs, created t-shirt and textile designs and done commissioned portraits. Amanda teaches in…

  • Dana Kinsey

    Dana Kinsey

    Artistic Discipline: Poetry, Spoken Word, Theater Contact: Ages for Residencies: middle school to senior citizen About the Artist: I am a teaching artist because I live for the joy of sharing my craft, helping others know that they, too, have gifts to foster. Even on days when it’s hard, artists can never truly abandon their…

  • Cecile Madonna

    Cecile Madonna

    Artistic Discipline: Visual arts, mural arts Contact: Age Levels for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artist: Cecile is a designer, illustrator, and mural artist whose work spans from commercial installations to individual, hand-crafted pieces. ” I want people of any age to see themselves as artists that inspire, create, and change their communities.”