Category: Artists

  • Dominique Denman

    Dominique Denman

    Artistic Discipline: Theater, Voice, OperaContact:Age Groups for Residencies: Artist’s Statement: Dominique Denman is the Co-Founder/CEO of Denman Turner Entertainment Group, Inc. (DTEG). Dominique brings more than 30 years of experience as a producer and performer. Dominique has performed in more than 25 stage plays including performances in Dreamgirls, Pippin, Guys and Dolls, Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope, and received rave reviews for her performance […]

  • W.E. & Company

    W.E. & Company

    Artistic Discipline: Story gathering, photography, videography, community historyContact:Age Groups for Residencies: Adults, senior citizensArtist’s Statement: Jordan and Shelby Wormley are the visionaries behind W.E. & Company. As a married couple in Central Pennsylvania, they love being around family and engaging with their community. With a combined education and background in communications, media studies, and photography, Jordan […]

  • Loryn Spangler-Jones

    Loryn Spangler-Jones

    Artistic Discipline: Visual artsContact:Age Groups for Residencies: K-senior citizenArtist’s Statement: Loryn has been an active member within the local art community for many years and was the Gallery Director, resident artist and lead art educator at Annex 24 in Lancaster for 5 years before making the move to open LSJ Studios in March of 2016. The […]

  • Cheryl Kugler

    Cheryl Kugler

    Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts, TimeslipsContact:Age Groups for Residencies: Middle school-Senior CitizensArtist’s Statement: Cheryl is a life-long artist from south-central Pennsylvania. Rich colors and gentle compositions of nature’s flora and fauna inspire her canvases. Versed in oils, pastels, acrylics, gouache, charcoal, and graphite, she equally enjoys naturalistic lifestyle photography and is a dabbler in clay. While creating, it is […]

  • josh graupera

    josh graupera

    Artistic Discipline: Community-engaged practice, painting, screen printing, socially-engaged processContact: www.joshgraupera.comAge Groups for Residencies: K-Senior CitizenArtist’s Statement: josh graupera (he/him, they/them) is a Lancaster born, Philadelphia-based artist, activist and educator. Their practice explores the relationship between visual art and community organizing, using painting, screen printing and socially-engaged processes.  Josh is an Arts and Media organizer with Stadium Stompers, a […]

  • Salina Almanzar

    Salina Almanzar

    Artistic Discipline: Creative placekeeping, community-engaged practice, mural artsContact: email:; www.salinaalmanzarart.comAge Groups for Residencies: K-Senior CitizenArtist’s Statement: Salina Almanzar (sah-lee-nah ahll-munczar)(she/her) is a Puerto Rican and Dominican artist, educator, writer, social justice advocate. Her art and scholarship examine the intersections of Latinidad, feminism, decolonial practice, and Taino spirituality. She is specifically interested in what it means to be ni […]

  • Julia Jordan-Kamanda

    Julia Jordan-Kamanda

    Artistic Discipline: MusicContact:Age Groups for Residencies: Artist’s Statement: Julia Jordan Kamanda, singer/songwriter, music mentor, and owner of J3Music Studios, is on a music mission. Her focus is on spreading a positive musical message to encourage and empower others. In 2010 Julia co-founded the Creative Arts Initiative in Sierra Leone, West Africa and travelled there to teach young women […]

  • Kearasten Jordan

    Kearasten Jordan

    Artistic Discipline: Visual arts, fabric arts, found-object sculptureContact:Age Groups for Residencies: Artist’s Statement: Artist and Mentor Kearasten Jordan (she/her) is an artist, musician, seamstress, comic, “openly unfriendly” Black Queer artist & activist born and raised in Lancaster City. She was the co-founder of Safe House and the owner of Fo’Sew, a textile arts company. She was selected for […]

  • Elyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLPElyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLP

    Elyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLPElyse Jurgen, M.Ed., CBLP

    Artistic Discipline: Ecological Design, Green STEAM or E-STEM, and Nature Journaling Contact: (e): 717.676.1045 Age Group for Residencies: Grades K-12, adults Artist’s Statement: Humans are positive drivers of ecological restoration, with solutions resting in underutilized spaces like urban schoolyards and narrow sidewalk strips. Designing ecological gardens in human spaces is a multi-functional artform. Everywhere you look, there is a canvas of […]

  • Anthony Orozco

    Anthony Orozco

    Artistic Discipline: PoetryContact: 513-687-2295; orozcoreporting@gmail.comAge Groups for Residencies: Teen-AdultArtist’s Statement: Anthony Orozco is the Latino communities reporter for WITF. Anthony joined PA Post in May 2020 as a Report For America fellow and transitioned to WITF in August 2020. He has worked in central Pennsylvania as a journalist, poet and community organizer since graduating with a degree […]