Jane Wolfgang

Artistic Discipline: Mixed-Media, Collage, Painting, Architecture

Contact: janewolfgangart@gmail.com

Ages for Residencies: K-Senior

About the Artist: Jane Wolfgang has been teaching art in public schools across several states for more than 25 years. Now that she is back in her hometown of York, Pennsylvania, she has been experimenting with new techniques and mediums to put together her own unique style.

Her signature collages are born from a love of photography and history. Jane combines photos and acrylic paint with collections of documents, maps, brochures and letters, all of which is layered together into a contemporary piece with an undeniable historical feel. The vibrant, exaggerated color mixes with the hidden memories within to honor the past and preserve the present, giving others time to reflect and connect with the piece. Jane’s work has been displayed in both solo and group shows, both in North Carolina and locally. At Apex High School in Apex, NC, Jane created a fourteen-panel mural to celebrate 100 years of the school, and she has illustrated two children’s art books and another six children’s books.