Angelique Arroyo

Artistic Discipline: Poetry, spoken word, visual art, social/emotional practice


Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen

About the Artist: Angelique is a teacher, poet, visual artist, healer, and community leader. She is a skilled educator in our Hip Hop Arts & Education program and has experience working in the schools with grades 1-12, as well as community centers throughout Lancaster County.

 In addition, Angelique is an “Imagine a Woman” International Certified Coach/Facilitator.

“It is important for me to weave spaces that are a safe haven for healing, growth, and transformation. While holding human complexity and being an advocate for agency, center my work around keeping it as real as possible, meeting people where they are at so they can access what they need. We don’t do “better” we go deeper here knowing that the most powerful transformation is from the inside out. “