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  • DeJuan Rosado

    DeJuan Rosado

    Artistic Discipline: Music, songwriting, mixing, healing through music Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artist: DeJuan Rosado, known as Spoken Musik, is a versatile Hip Hop artist hailing from Lancaster, PA. Spoken Musik delves into deep, inspirational themes in his music. A member of T.H.E.M. the Collective and our Hip Hop Arts &…

  • T.H.E.M the Collective

    T.H.E.M the Collective

    Artistic Discipline: Music, Arts & Healing, Social/emotional artistic practice Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artists:  T.H.E.M. stands for “To Heal and Encourage Musically!” We are individual artists and musicians who work together in residency programs and performances to lift our students and audiences up with music. Using music as a pathway to…

  • Amanda Condict

    Amanda Condict

    Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts Contact: Ages for Residencies: About the Artist: Amanda studied at Kutztown University, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Empire State College. An illustrator and designer, she worked in graphic arts and publishing, has illustrated for books, magazines and catalogs, created t-shirt and textile designs and done commissioned portraits. Amanda teaches in…

  • Dana Kinsey

    Dana Kinsey

    Artistic Discipline: Poetry, Spoken Word, Theater Contact: Ages for Residencies: middle school to senior citizen About the Artist: I am a teaching artist because I live for the joy of sharing my craft, helping others know that they, too, have gifts to foster. Even on days when it’s hard, artists can never truly abandon their…

  • Cecile Madonna

    Cecile Madonna

    Artistic Discipline: Visual arts, mural arts Contact: Age Levels for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artist: Cecile is a designer, illustrator, and mural artist whose work spans from commercial installations to individual, hand-crafted pieces. ” I want people of any age to see themselves as artists that inspire, create, and change their communities.”

  • Jane Wolfgang

    Jane Wolfgang

    Artistic Discipline: Mixed-Media, Collage, Painting, Architecture Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-Senior About the Artist: Jane Wolfgang has been teaching art in public schools across several states for more than 25 years. Now that she is back in her hometown of York, Pennsylvania, she has been experimenting with new techniques and mediums to put together…

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    Artistic Discipline: Visual art, public art Contact: Age Groups for Residencies: High school to senior citizens About the Artist: Mike is a lifelong visual artist, longtime art teacher in the public schools, instructor in public art at Albright College, and resident artist with an emphasis on public art. From 2005 to 2012, he spent the…

  • Daniel Egusquiza

    Daniel Egusquiza

    Artistic Discipline: Visual art, poetry, dance, community informed practice Contact: Age for Residencies: Grades 12-senior citizen About the Artist: Daniel is a painter, dancer, poet, and community organizer. He is the Outreach Coordinator at Reading Public Library and the founder of Barrio Alegría, a volunteer‐run community arts organization serving the Hispanic and Latinx community that…

  • Andre Ellis

    Andre Ellis

    Artistic Discipline: Spoken word, music, songwriting Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-adult About the Artist: Andre is an Elementary Support Teacher at Cyber Pathways Academy and Co-Owner Of Throw Your 3’s Up. He is also an “I Can Multiply Foundation” Ambassador and focuses on integrating songwriting and spoken word into the math and STEM curriculum.…

  • Terian Mack

    Terian Mack

    Artistic Discipline: Visual art, graffiti art, fashion, music Contact: Ages for Residencies: K-senior citizen About the Artist: Terian is a songwriter, painter, fashion maker, and recording artist. He loves to translate art forms for new audiences and brings a creative approach to integrating art into classroom curriculums. He is skilled at STEAM education and is…