Jennifer “Jenny” Hill

Category: Literary Arts 
Circus arts, poetry, storytelling

Age Range for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Adult

Artist’s Statement: In my residencies and playshops, I teach others to find their authentic voices through movement and creative writing. I want them to learn, laugh, and enjoy what they do, to discover something new about themselves and the larger world, and how what they have to say connects with others.

I share with students the skills to try, try again, try a new way, go slowly, step-by-step, stop and visualize, watch, wait, read, and listen. Students of all ages can learn to manage stress, empower themselves and others, increase their skills of sustained contemplation, improve proprioception, and gain a sense of autonomy, belonging, and purpose.

There is beauty in the ordinary. The stories of our lives, in the stories of others, in the imagined and the real. Whether writing a series of poems, creating a play or performance piece together, or gathering as a group to write our life stories, I encourage those I work with to be open to discovery.

Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill