Carrie Kingsbury

Artistic Discipline: Muralist/Painting
(484) 919-3414
Age Group for Residencies: 
Artist’s Statement: I am a local muralist with 15 years of experience painting commercial and residential mural projects. My work tends to reflect the joy and beauty of life as I like my work to be positive and uplifting. For the last 10 years I have enjoyed doing many artist-in-residencies in public schools, for community centers, and senior centers throughout Pennsylvania.

As an artist doing residencies, my primary goal is to facilitate a wonderful, positive, educational, and hands-on experience for every participant involved. The teachers, students, and administrators should come away having had fun and learning new skills. I can work independently on an interior or exterior mural while providing painting demonstrations, presentations of art as a career, and Q&A session for up to six art classes a day. Students can watch my progression from the drawing phase to completion. I can also supervise student-led, designed, and executed mural projects with hands-on painting opportunities for many students, either during the school day and/or during after-school clubs.

After completing a mural project, the students come away with a sense of working collaboratively on an important piece of local public art and having learned practical design and paining skills. Finished murals have been used to create writing prompts. The grid system I use integrates math concepts such as measuring, dividing, and computing area. I have incorporated core educational subjects into my murals. I have also worked with local historians on several projects, inside and outside of schools. Although the students’ abilities vary, I always make sure the finished work is of an extremely professional quality that can be enjoyed for many years to come. In my presentations, I talk about:

  • Research and design and using the grid system
  • Painting techniques
  • Use of different materials
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Aspects of having a good work ethic
  • Giving back to your community with volunteerism
  • And much more valuable information
Carrie Kingsbury